Efficient Link Submission for 2012

It’s already 2012 and you may want to start your new year right. If you used to have difficulty in getting backlinks before, then this could be the best time to get started and acquire as many quality links as possible.

For one way links, directory submission would be ideal. And there are different types of directories. Two of the most popular are article directories and link directories.

For your link building campaign, here are the major categories of directory where you can submit your sites:
1. General Directories
2. Niche Directories
3. Regional Directories

You can also opt to submit your sites to paid directories if you want to get your links featured.

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2 Responses to Efficient Link Submission for 2012

  1. Jerminix says:

    I really don’t submit to directory sites as some of them are spam sites and are banned by google. Posting regular comments is better though for backlinks :D

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