Sustainable Content Marketing – Possible or Not?

Is there such a thing as sustainable content marketing?

Internet is changing very vastly. There will always be new trends and new updates to cater the needs of the people. Some content would be available one minute, and then will be gone after a few days. There will always be changes that will make or break a content, a site or a blog.

The sustainability of a site is dependent on its contents. It is important to have ne, interesting and quality content or articles. You need to use keywords related to your contents that people always use when they make their search online. If you don’t have new contents, search engines will seek other sources that have related contents as yours.

Visibility is also important. There are a lot of ways where you can promote your blog or site. Social media networks make it possible for you to promote your new article or content. This will help people know about your new updates. Not only that, it helps to reach a lot more people, adding more traffic to your site. Social networking sites are one of the free tools that you can use for a more visible content marketing.

A continuous checking of the content is vital for your site. If your site contains links, you may have to check for dead links. Update the links and make sure that they are still available. Also see if there are contents or articles that need to be retired as they are already irrelevant.

Every two years or so, you may have the need to change your search engine optimization strategy. Since change is inevitable, especially in digital space, it’s important that you are able to adjust and adapt to these changes. A thorough review of your strategy, and others as well, will help you create a better strategy that will create more traffic and more audience.

It is important to be ready for all kinds of changes in the cyberspace. Your audience may tend to change their interest as well, so it’s important to create a content that will capture their attention. Changes in the algorithms of search engines will also affect the say your SEO strategy will work. It’s important to anticipate the worst and be ready with a backup plan to revert and recover.

Content marketing can be sustainable, as long as you have the right tools and the right strategy to keep up with the others. The key is always making a plan and going with the flow.

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The How’s and What’s of Acquiring a Domain Name

Using the Internet for marketing purposes require users to have a domain name. For companies that rely solely on the Internet to do business it is a must to acquire a domain name that suits their brand. This will definitely raise traffic to and from the website, and will add to their exposure. Although there are tactics that can drive traffic from one domain name to another, companies can surely acquire more than one domain names at a time to generate traffic. Just remember that acquiring the right domain names does not mean settling down to what is readily available for marketing.

Types of Domain Names

There are two options to choose from when considering domain names. There are domain names that create a natural form of search traffic. This is what you call keyword-based domain names. From the name itself, these are domain names that are based on the keyword the brand will most likely be found if searched for in search engines. There are other domain names that that are otherwise stereotypes as getting low search rankings because of the lack of keyword usage. These are called brand-worthy domain names. These names are concise, so users searching for it can remember easier. Some say that using brand-worthy names get lower search rankings, and that is absolutely not true. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has proven that there are techniques that can be done for these domain names to do very well in search results.

Acquiring Domain Names

Like any other business trademarks, every domain name needs to be registered. Domain names that can be watched out for are those listed under Expired or Dropped Domains. Always remember that there is a regulator for these names, and they impose hold periods before these domain names get cancelled. This period gives the domain owners the chance to reconsider giving up possession of the name. After such time the name will then be suspended, and everything associated with it gets disconnected from the domain name.

Public Registration is not for every domain name

The regulators who put up these lists of domain names do not always announce cancelled names ready for public registration. There is auction held for domain names that were deemed to be owned at a price. Domain names that have very high market value can even be sold to as expensive as a five-digit dollar value. Like any other auction, the person who bids the highest will take the domain name home. While other domain names seem to be sought-after, some does not even have a price tag on them. These names can be readily offered a price and be taken home as well. Always consider timing in any kind of bidding transactions. Some bidders choose getting neck-to-neck with other bidders over a name, while skilled ones prefer to wait for those names that are almost not up for auction anymore. They hope to find more value in domain names that are no longer in the spotlight, and then they place the bid. After all that has been said and done, everything still comes down to how important owning a domain name is. Just keep in mind that a domain name is also an investment. It should be worth it every cent spent.

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Search Engine Wars (Yahoo vs. Google vs. Bing)

Search Engine Wars - Google Yahoo BingNowadays, references being used for researches, homeworks or office paper works are not engulfed in a library. In a span of a second or two, valuable information can be gathered in the Internet. It is most especially helpful to students who are in dire need of such information but do not have the luxury of time to go over the nearest libraries in town. Luck is really within the new generation since the World Wide Web is powered by the best and the largest search engines in the market, Yahoo, Google and the latest addition, Bing. They have been the most reliable ones in terms of its speed and reliability but which one among these three really presents a competitive advantage over the others?


                This was founded in 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yang as a directory of websites. By the end of 1994 their site was being used by thousands of users who needed a way to find content on the Internet, and so they turned it into a general purpose index for anyone that wanted to use it.

Yahoo is sometimes said to stand for “Yet Another Hierarchical Official Oracle”, but Filo and Yang say that they chose the name because they consider themselves to be Yahoos, named after the uncivilized half-animals in Jonathon Swift’s classic book Gulliver’s Travels.

                The next few years was a boom for Yahoo! They acquired “AllTheWeb and AltaVista” last 2003, followed by Flickr, a popular photo sharing site on 2005. Yahoo! has also made a strong push to promote Yahoo! Answers, a popular free community driven question answering service.

                On July 29, 2009, Yahoo! decided to give up on search and signed a 10 year deal to syndicate Bing ads and algorithmic results on their website.


                The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin who owns about 16 percent of the company’s stake. Google was first incorporated as a privately held company on September 4, 1998, and its initial public offering followed on August 19, 2004.

                The name originated from a misspelling of the word “googol”, the number one followed by one hundred zeros, which was picked to signify that the search engine wants to provide large quantities of information for people.

One of the best things about Google’s search results is the ability to refine the search results to content from the past hour, past 24 hours, past week, past month, and past year, or a custom date range.

                As of today, Google offers online productivity software which includes emails, office suites and social networks. It also leads the development of the Android mobile operating system, as well as the Google Chrome OS browser-only operating system, called Chromebooks. It has also been awarded as the most visited website last 2009 and dominated the market for the last few years.


                This search engine is originally a Microsoft baby and is now the newest addition to the competition between the largest search engines in the world. Microsoft initially released MSN Search in 1998 followed by Live search in 2006 but it was not able to pave its way to success. On June 1, 2009, Bing was released and was tagged as a new search service which changed the search landscape by placing inline search suggestions for related searches directly in the result set.

            Bing also uses the “in-memory” index which would be updated during the course of a day, and includes fresher content than Bing’s inverted index of the Web. Searches would be responded to by the inverted index, and then the in-memory index would be checked for additional relevant results. This process is said to be granted through a patent just last month.

                Bing became the number two U.S. search engine in the U.S. when it surpassed Yahoo for the first time in December 2011.

                The best search engines in the Internet are mentioned above. Those three have stood the test of time and has become a relative companion to families, offices and most especially, to students. Their differences may not be relatively seen at a blink of an eye but what is more important is to see how they were able to be of help to several people in the world.

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Content Optimization for SEO Success

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), like any other advancement in technology, can also be used for artificial advantage. Numerous companies have been advised about content marketing that is based on the visibility of the content in search engines. Indeed, who would not want to lead the pack in referrer traffic and sales? Thus, the presence of SEO tactics that leads to the creation of tricks and loopholes.

Is there any law that covers unfair SEO practices?

Fortunately, there is. Companies or brands using these unfair techniques to boost search visibility get penalized. Their content marketing gets plucked out from the usual indexing system of the search engine that is committed about this kind of manipulation. In this example, Google monitors these tactics up to the last activity in order to do away with artificial search visibility.

Google is the widely-used search engine. In general, what do they say about these unfair practices in SEO marketing?

As large of a company as Google is, they have not lost touch with their fair practices. One of their guidelines to SEO companies is to create good user experience. For webmasters in SEO basics, Google has also created content marketing start-ups. It may seem a conservative approach to SEO, what Google has kept on practicing. This has been a challenge to SEO practitioners for companies in competitive category. They always need to up their game without putting their brand at risk when they think about neat SEO tactics.

Customers versus clients:  or should there ever be a competition in a marketer’s mind in the first place?

As an SEO practitioner, there are so many things that come in to play. There are search engines’ rule about compliance, client’s preferred marketing strategies and targeted market’s response over the Internet. Thinking that the client’s money makes these all possible, it is never wrong to use techniques that will work in their favor. Once these techniques are put in place, SEO should now gear towards connecting with the customers. That is the ultimate goal of SEO.

Content and social media works together towards the ultimate goal.

How content is viewed by visitors through search engines or backlinks through referrer traffic and social media works hand-in-hand for better search visibility. Search engines value the content, engagement and sharing through social media. It means to say that ranking goals should be a consequence of how customer acquisition and engagement was well played. Many SEO practitioners, who are now geared towards customer-centric approach, should take away the ranking-centric methods they work with. Addressing how social media can push content to customers, why cannot they create more different pages where the same content can be searched and be made visible? It is all about the numbers in play at the end of the day.

The best advice

Customer-centricity when marketing a content using SEO goes a long way. Combining this with strategic keywords and social media channels customers have better rates of engaging in social networks without putting their searches at risk. When this approach is used, clients are satisfied because they would appeal more to the senses of the targeted market. As SEO practitioners, it is a must that tests and program optimization are done regularly as an update. Analytics is still the best way to measure a tactic.

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How to Get Quality Backlinks

Links are not all the same. There are good and bad backlinks that can make or break your online reputation. With this, it is important to know where to get quality links and the right approach to get them.

Different niche needs different kind of links. Links may come in the form of direct links, forum profile, URL comment, author bio and a lot more.

Finance sites for example will have to get quality backlinks from high authority finance sites. There are tools that can be used to check domain and page authority. The same holds true for other niche such as health, beauty, parenting and dating.

One good source of quality back links are local directories which restrict out of the scope websites from submission. If you are promoting a local business such as Sunderland dating website, manual directory submission on high PR directories can boost your ranking.

Article directories that allow do-follow links on author bio can also give you quality backlinks. Other things that you can do to keep getting quality links are blog commenting, posting in a forums, 3-way link exchange and publishing quality content that other people can use as a reference with a link back to your site.

But in linkbuilding, you should do everything in moderation.

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Sourcing Dating Links

Sourcing quality links can be sometimes challenging. But as long as you are aware of your niche and clear with your goals, this task becomes easier. The common niche people focus on are finance, health, beauty, fashion, and sometimes dating. Sometimes, the broader the scope, the better since you have lots of options. But when it comes to specific keywords such as Bradford dating, it is very important to source links that are relevant to dating.

If there are dating sites that are open for link exchange, then you can take advantage of it. Another is looking for blogs with topics about dating and realationship that may allow you to submit guest posts with a link bank to your dating website.

There are also lots of online communities that allow you to post with a link on your signature. You can also utilize the social media to advertise your links. On your fan pages, you can create contest and part of the mechanic would be adding your link in their websites. There are various ways on how you can get backlinks. All you have to do is ensure that you’re getting a quality links because spammy sites won’t do any good to your own website.

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SEO Factors That You Need To Keep In Mind

If you want to get a higher ranking, you have to work harder now when it comes to your Search Engine Optimization campaign. One of the most vital things that you have to keep in mind is that Google’s algorithm is dynamic. It changes once in a while and though most people may not notice it, you should strive to work towards adapting your strategy to its changes. When Google rolled out Panda, it negatively impacted a lot of low-quality page websites. This means that Google has shifted to indexing the longer and more relevant posts or sites.

Google also shifted from its old method of indexing posts into the newer one which is called caffeine. With the new process, Google has gotten more active in searching for more updated contents. By being up to date with your content, Google will be more inclined to index it than old ones. Google also has improved the way the search engine results page appears. It now includes the means to check for information in a specific area. Not only that, but it also has the capability to search information through various categories other than location. In fact, a user’s social network or environment now plays a big factor in the SEO campaign.

There is also the Mayday update which is a change done by Google in terms of its indexing process. The idea behind this is that pages having a low-number of traffic are still getting index however, their ranks suffer along with it. These are but a few revisions made by Google and other search engines available online but the thing is, it would be best if you adapt to this changes. Base your strategy on these changes and you will eventually be on the lead.

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Get More Backlinks and Site Visitors through Pinterest

You might be familiar with the term “retweet” but have you encountered the word “repin”? At Pinterest, there are so many things to repin! From blogging essentials to money making tips and webmaster tools, you just can’t keep yourself from repinning those images and sharing them to your followers. Yes, Pinterest is the hottest thing next to sunshine!

Here are some of the reminders to enjoy your stay at Pinterest and make the most out of it. Since it is one of the best online marketing strategies lately, you better leverage on this technology.
1. Create boards with specific and clear titles.
2. Pick the best category that describe your boards.
3. Add a pin or upload images that best speak about the article linked to it.
4. Add a Pinterest button or banner on your site to get more followers.
5. Share your Pinterest profile, board and pins on other social network such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc.
6. Interact with the Pinterest community. Reciprocate comments and likes.

For more information about Pinterest, check this post: Pinterest – A Visual Bookmarking Utility

Follow Me on Pinterest

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Efficient Link Submission for 2012

It’s already 2012 and you may want to start your new year right. If you used to have difficulty in getting backlinks before, then this could be the best time to get started and acquire as many quality links as possible.

For one way links, directory submission would be ideal. And there are different types of directories. Two of the most popular are article directories and link directories.

For your link building campaign, here are the major categories of directory where you can submit your sites:
1. General Directories
2. Niche Directories
3. Regional Directories

You can also opt to submit your sites to paid directories if you want to get your links featured.

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Design Disputes: Prevention and Resolution

It is often the case that there’s more than one person working on the design of a logo. This can lead to a clash of ideas and also disputes as to which logo is better. The best way to minimize such clashes is to collaborate rather than compete and accommodate rather than debate. This is profitable for both the brand and the designers.

Collaborate Logo Design
When working together in designing logos, collaborate rather than compete…

Another problem that is prevalent with respect to logos is that of copyright. Often we find products of inferior quality being sold bearing the logo of a popular brand. On top of the customer feels cheated, the image of the brand is also adversely affected often resulting in substantial losses. Often logos contain certain unique features like a hologram etc., but these too are to no avail at times. Piracy is prevalent almost in every part of the world. Certain countries, with strict anti-piracy laws have been able to curb the menace to a certain extent. More has to be done in this respect if piracy has to be completely done away with. Laws can be enforced only up to a certain extent. Finally it has to be the customer who has to make a conscious effort in not buying such pirated stuff.

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